Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the practical application of Increasing and quantifying the web traffic with the assistance of Organic search.seo 8 5

This is basically about understanding that the visibility of any website is affected by SEO.

  1. Enterprise SEO
  • This basically involves a number of techniques applied for SEO except the traditional practises.
  • In involves web content creation for a number of enterprises.
  • It further can be used to create and share and connect PRs and content marketing for the same.seo 8 4


  • A productive way to promote online business activities locally.
  • Including usage of modes like Yellowbook, Foursquare etc. for promotion of the localised content.seo 8 3


  1. E- Commerce SEO
  • Online campaigns for the businesses through proper architecture of the sites.
  • On the Page SEO Activities.
  • Better Keyword Search Analysis and application.seo 8 1


  1. Video Marketing
  • Platforming the particular content through different social media video sharing portals like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter.
  • Socialisation of the contents as per the requirement of the client service.seo 8 6


  1. Google Recovery Services
  • Availability of Recovery Point objective service to obtain lost or unidentified data.
  • G- Suites for data recovery and drive management tools handling like Hangouts, Gmail etc.seo 82


  1. SEO Reseller Services
  • Availability of White Label SEO Service Programs.
  • On board SEO Services with affordable pricing structures for fixed time durations.v3


  1. Multi Lingual SEO
  • Offering and producing contents for multi lingual aspects or business functions.
  • Having both English and the other associated required language SEO services.
  • Standardised optimised in the Google search or any other search engines.v2


  1. Web Analytics
  • Optimisation of Web Usage through online data being collected and analysed.
  • Better service for providing smooth and efficient Advertising campaigns and understanding the nature and response of the web Traffic.ppc-2

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