SEO Tricks for making SEO friendly website

                      Search Engine Optimization

SEO means that web traffic optimization. It’s basically swing very little breadcrumbs throughout your content so once search engines like Google come back on to crawl your web site} it picks up hints and clues on what your site is all concerning and what you’ll be able to supply. Search engines like worthy, authoritative content to supply their audience thus keep your content prime notch and avoid repeating dangerous content or duplicating your own.

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SEO Tricks for making SEO friendly website

1. Use alt attribute in image Tag:

It is great to utilize your title or item name in your picture tag in alt property, since it give a right data about your picture to internet searcher bots. it’s a decent technique to use in SEO reason.

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2.URL optimization:

URL altering is strategy where you can improve URL for SEO, in direct words you making your URL clean for SEO. By Using URL transforming you can used to give shorter and increasingly applicable looking connects to site pages.

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3.Meta Description & Keywords Tag:

Meta Keywords Attribute – A progression of catchphrases that applicable to the website page (you could disregard this tag as not noteworthy by any web crawler).

Meta Description Attribute – A short depiction of the website page, catchphrases ought to be incorporated.

Meta Robots Attribute – A proposal to web index bots to what they ought to do with the page. Regardless of whether to creep the site-pages or not.

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4. Use Title Tag:

Title tag is a piece of the meta labels that come into view at the highest point of your HTML inside the < head> territory. This is characterize in straightforward words that what the website page is about, this is likewise utilizes via web index as heading of any outcomes in web search tool result page. The title tag ought to incorporate critical watchwords to help the internet searcher settle on a choice what the page is about. A title tag is a sort of flag in your page. It tells the web indexes what your page is about. It is as yet critical to your SEO technique.

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5. Use Header (H1, H2, H3…) Tags in Body:

Utilizing heading framework is imperative documentation for perusing reason since it gives the divider way archive to disclose to any substance. By utilizing heading tag <h1> tag is most noteworthy size or essential tag for any website page.

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6. Use Anchor Text in Link:

Grapple Text is the noticeable, interactive content with connection. usually blue and underlined.

Or on the other hand in straightforward words Anchor content can be seen content, words and expression that is associated with hyperlink of any area that address to other site pages or site.

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7. Use Canonical link tag:

A sanctioned connection tag is a HTML component that encourages website admins to avert copy content issues by determining the “authoritative” or “favored” form of a page as a major aspect of site design improvement.

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8. QMP Page:

Quickened Mobile Pages (QMP) is open source venture to give quick substance or to trim down the heap time of site page for portable or tablet gadgets, enables sites to make light-weight website pages.

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9. Body Content Structure & Length:

You realize all that content is a ruler of SEO, so you need to compose your substance with uniqueness . in the event that you are making SEO cordial substance so that ought to be 1000 words and the sky is the limit from there. As SEO Expert I would recommend you to utilize your substance between 1000 to 2000 words. While you are composing content you need to make a point to utilize that what is the correct textual style, text dimension and textual style. Continuously jolt the vital words

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10. Keyword Stuffing:

Keyword stuffing is a standout amongst the best SEO technique where you can utilize heaps of watchwords in site page substance or site or Meta labels for get more traffic or controlling indexed lists. This strategy may influence you positioning on the off chance that it utilizes more than Google rules’, since this is to consider as ordering spam.

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